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Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte is an internationally published, award-winning indie writer, poet, and Pushcart Prize nominee. Her debut novel, "Betrayal on the Bayou", an historical novel set in the fictional Louisiana Tassin Valley continues to garner high praise with reviewers as,"... a fascinating novel that delves into some heartbreaking issues around race, justice, and the noir code in the fictitious Louisiana town of Tassin," "...a book to read, to re-read, to take into your heart, and to always remember," and, "... it’s a tale of love, hope, disappointment, betrayal, revenge, racism, selfishness, and redemption, punctuated by beautiful passages. Lives like these are still lived much more often than they need be. Ms. Bize-Boutte is a fine writer."


 A follow-on to "Betrayal", "Back to the Bayou: The Tassin Valley Saga Continues," published in February 2024, is already being touted as a "page turner" and even foreshadowing a future continuation with "characters so intriguing I can't wait to read what will happen next."


A prolific poet, Sheryl published a book of poems with her daughter, Dr. Angela M. Boutte, titled "No Poetry No Peace™," the namesake of the No Poetry No Peace™ biannual poetry series hosted by the Mechanics Institute Library of San Francisco where she is the moderator for the monthly "Writers Lunch." She was runner-up in the 2022 inaugural Oakland Poet Laureate competition and featured in the KALW-FM Bay Poets radio show.


She is a highly praised and sought after short story writer and storyteller, literary event curator, writing teacher, speaker, panelist, and track coordinator for the San Francisco Writer's Conference.



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Readers are describing "Betrayal on the Bayou" as "A book for our time," "An absorbing, page-turning read," "...a tour de force," and," In an outstanding debut novel, S.J. Bize-Boutte weaves Creole history with the pain and joy of family ties, how the constructs of racial and gender 'norms' affect lives, and of how we choose our own path to redemption, 251 steps at a time."

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Armed with the page turning power of her 2020 debut novel, Betrayal on the Bayou, Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte’s Back to the Bayou: The Tassin Valley Saga Continues, delves deeply into the lives of Betrayal’s compelling and unforgettable characters while introducing some new ones, as they go about their lives in and out of Louisiana’s fictional Tassin Valley.  With themes of colorism, entrenched segregation, unshakeable love, triumph of the human spirit, generously sprinkled with bayou magic and mystery, Back to the Bayou will engage readers from beginning to end; leaving them happily anxious to know what may happen next.

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Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte

"Stay steady on your journey and ever enhance your world.  The larger your world, the greater your options.  The smaller your world, the sooner you come to the end of it."


P.O. BOX 444  Berkeley, Ca 94701


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